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ZMSLabs Howto

(still in progress)

Recommended Proposal Layout

  1. Who? Document Identification / Contact of proposer
  2. Why? Background / Overview / Problems
  3. What? Objectives / Benefit Statement / Motivation
  4. How? Scope / Proposed Solution / Deliverables
  5. Caveats? Assumptions and constraints / Risk Factors
  6. Funding? Estimates / Costs
  7. Status? Participants / Actions / Progress

Recommended Mapping to Agilo for Scrum Tickets

  • create a new ticket as a Requirement
    • to record a needed Feature
    • by describing the Why/What?? (more...)
    • assign a Milestone (planned release)
    • define the Business Value Points (expected satisfaction by the product owner)
  • create linked ticket(s) to a Requirement as User Stories
    • to record suggested Approaches
    • by describing the How/Caveats?? (more...)
    • assign a Sprint (planned iteration)
    • define Importance (impact and priority)
  • plan a Sprint (more...) for a Milestone (planned release) in the Roadmap
    • confirm commitment to a certain amount of User Stories
    • to successfully implement, test, document and integrate during this sprint/iteration
    • define the User Story Points (estimated effort by the development team)
  • create linked ticket(s) to a User Story as Tasks
    • to record development Jobs
    • by describing the Actions to do (more...)
    • set a concerned Component
    • define the Remaining Time and the involved Resources
  • create a new ticket while research and development as Bug
    • to record a Defect
    • by describing a Problem with a deployed release
    • set a concerned Component
    • assign a Milestone (the according release)
    • assign a Sprint (to add it to an planned sprint/iteration)

Recommended Versioning for distribution


Significant updates which introduce new features and offer dramatic overall improvement, e.g.

  • ZMSMediaPlayer-v3.0.0 (increase master)
  • ZMSForum-v1.1.0 (increase major)


More frequent updates which include small changes, bug fixes, security updates and quality improvements, e.g.

  • ZMSMediaPlayer-v3.0.1 (increase minor)
  • ZMSForum-v1.1.1


Stage of development which are subject to change without public notice, e.g.

  • ZMSMediaPlayer-v3.0.1.200905292240 (add datetime)
  • ZMSForum-v1.1.0.354 (add svn-revision)

Howto use ZMSLabs with Eclipse

Prepare Eclipse

Add Repositories

  • Eclipse-menu "Window" -> "Show View" -> "Other"
  • in View-menu select "SVN" -> "SVN Repositories"
  • in "SVN Repositories"-View open context menu and select "New" -> "Repository Location"
  • set "Url" to and click "Finish"

Checkout Project

  • go to folder in "SVN Repositories"-View (e.g. /trunk or /branches/jquery-ui-develop)
  • folder context-menu -> Checkout...

Work with local copy of Project

  • use PyDev?-View (Package Explorer)
  • display history of project: context-menu -> Team -> Show History
  • get latest changes from SVN: context-menu -> Team -> Update
  • commit local changes to SVN: context-menu -> Team -> Commit...

Add file associations

  • open preferences (Eclipse-menu "Window" -> "Preferences")
  • at "General" -> "Editors" -> "File Associations" add file-type *.dtml
  • select the dtml-file-type and add an associated editor (e.g. XML-Editor)

Set svn:ignore

  • show navigator-view (Eclipse-menu "Window" -> "Show View" -> "Navigator")
  • open context-menu at file which should be ignored
  • "Team" -> "Add to svn:ignore"


  • open preferences (Eclipse-menu "Window" -> "Preferences")
  • at "Team" -> "Ignored Resources" add pattern (e.g. *.project, *.pydevproject, *.pyc)