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ZMSLabs - Open Research and Development Platform

ZMSLabs is a platform for open source and open content projects in context of the ZMS Publishing System.

ZMS (Open Source Content Management for Science, Technology and Medicine) is a content management solution for the site-based e-publishing. A simple editing interface and flexible content model (multilingualism, metadata, content objects, XML import / export, workflow etc.) is designed for optimal productivity for web sites, documentation and educational content. Modularity of the ZMS components and approved production processes turn ZMS into an incomparably rapid tool. The underlying efficiency-oriented publication model is the result of many consulting projects in recent years by HOFF­MANN+LIE­BEN­BERG in association with SNTL Publishing, Berlin.

ZMS3 Changelog

[5098] by zmsdev on 18.06.2019 15:15:30

repository: remove acquired and support portal-clients

[5085] by zmsdev on 13.06.2019 19:25:27

fixed index_html in context (reported by OT)

[5084] by zmsdev on 12.06.2019 14:25:50

new repository-action: collect artefacts (e.g. from common-folder) to content-object lib

[5083] by fhoffmann on 12.06.2019 09:41:29

revoke [5082]

[5082] by fhoffmann on 12.06.2019 09:38:52

added Products.CMFCore to requirements

[5081] by mhaecker on 12.06.2019 07:48:35

Update readme to add necessity to install pinned dependencies via requiriements.txt and document that you can also use runzope to start a development environment in the foreground.

[5080] by zmsdev on 11.06.2019 21:32:42

fix metacmd-manager-test


ZMS3 Distribution Package

Installation instructions for GNU/Linux, OSX/Darwin and Windows/MinGW:

Nightly Build ZMS3-latest.tar.gz | Browse all builds

ZMS3 Extension Packages

ZMS3 Development Snapshot

# Install a complete Development Environment
$ virtualenv ZMS3-develop

# by fetching the latest Nightly Build from ZMSLabs
$ ./ZMS3-develop/bin/pip install

# or

# by fetching the latest Development Snapshots from SVN/GIT-Repositories
$ ./ZMS3-develop/bin/pip install -r

# Create a Development Instance
$ ./ZMS3-develop/bin/mkzopeinstance --dir ZMS3-develop/instance --user admin:admin

# Run the Development Instance in debugging mode
$ ./ZMS3-develop/instance/bin/runzope -X "debug-mode=on"

# Checkout the latest Revision
$ svn co ZMS3-develop/instance/Products/zms

# Apply patches to the Development Instance
$ patch -p0 --binary -b -i {PATH_TO_PATCH_FILE} -d ZMS3-develop/instance/Products/zms

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