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ZMSLabs - Open Research and Development Platform

ZMSLabs is a platform for open source and open content projects in context of the ZMS Publishing System.

ZMS (Zope based Content Management for Science, Technology and Medicine) is a complete solution for electronic publishing - in particular e-science purposes. The underlying efficiency-oriented publication model is the result of many consulting projects in recent years by HOFF­MANN+LIE­BEN­BERG, Berlin. Modularity of the ZMS components and approved production processes turn ZMS into an uncomparably rapid tool.

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ZMSLabs is based on Trac with Agilo for Scrum plug-in to provide a flexible tool for source code and project management.

Since 12/2009 it is the official tool of the ZMS Core Development Team at SNTL Publishing, Berlin.
The projects of the Department Educational Research and Services, Media Center at Dresden University of Technology will be merged to TUDLabs.

Intended use cases are:

  • Contributing add-ons (extensions, themes)
  • Collecting documentations (for users, for developers)
  • Translating things (user interface, docs)
  • Reporting bugs (errors, defects)
  • Testing components (quality assurance)

For further information please contact the maintainer Christian Meier and have a look at the How-to (still in progress).

Latest Changes


Download latest versions of the Release Candidate:
Nightly build ZMS-latest.tar.gz | Browse all builds

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Resources for ZMS Technologies

Zope-based Content Management for Science, Technology and Medicine
ZMS Download
ZMS Publishing Website | Complete Release Archive | ZMS Developers Group

Z Object Publishing Environment - the underlying Python-based Web Application Server
Zope Download
Zope Docs | English Zope Mailinglist | German Zope Mailinglist
Conference and User Groups of Zope Community in Germany/Austria/Switzerland?

Dynamic object-oriented Programming Language
Python Download
Python Docs | Python Cheetsheet | Regular Expressions Cheetsheet and Testing Tool
Python Package Index

Installation of ZMS Add-ons

ZMS supports online update sites for installing and updating of extensions and themes (since ZMS-2.11.1-740). At the moment there are two update sites enabled by default:

You can edit $ZMS_HOME/import/configure.zcml resp. $ZMS_HOME/www/themes.zcml to fit your needs.


Extensions are installed via Configuration > System > Import Configuration Package as usually.
You can also import configurations for Languages, Meta-attributes, Content-objects, Paragraph-formats, Character-formats, Actions, Workflows and Filters as .xml-Files separately.

Examples are ZMSMediaPlayer, ZMSForum and ZMSCaptcha - find more resources at


Themes are installed on ZMS setup as .zexp-Files usually.

You can also import a new theme or export the current theme via Configuration > Design > Theme afterwards.

Additional there is the ZMSThemeChanger extension available, which supports on-the-fly theme changing (requires special folder layout and calling of API-functions in templates - see ZMSThemes-Proposal for more information and YAML-3.1_examples theme for proof of concept).