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ZMSLabs - Open Research and Development Platform

ZMSLabs is a platform for open source and open content projects in context of the ZMS Publishing System.

ZMS (Open Source Content Management for Science, Technology and Medicine) is a content management solution for the site-based e-publishing. A simple editing interface and flexible content model (multilingualism, metadata, content objects, XML import / export, workflow etc.) is designed for optimal productivity for web sites, documentation and educational content. Modularity of the ZMS components and approved production processes turn ZMS into an incomparably rapid tool. The underlying efficiency-oriented publication model is the result of many consulting projects in recent years by HOFF­MANN+LIE­BEN­BERG in association with SNTL Publishing, Berlin.

ZMS3 Changelog

[5195] by zmsdev on 19.09.2019 19:19:48

[ZMSLabs] #515: duplication of content-objects deleting path-attributes (merged from ZMS4)

[5194] by fhoffmann on 18.09.2019 19:17:21

avoid errorous umlaut transformation (req by KKI)

[5192] by fhoffmann on 16.09.2019 19:16:19

added handling of defect content object definitions (req by OT)

[5191] by fhoffmann on 16.09.2019 17:44:10

added error handling in repomanager diffing (req by OT)

[5189] by zmsdev on 16.09.2019 16:33:55

ZMSIndex: fixed resync of cross-lingual links (UniBE)

[5180] by fhoffmann on 10.09.2019 11:39:07

fixed input fields handling umlauts in labels (req by KKI)

[5179] by fhoffmann on 10.09.2019 11:16:11

added charset workaround for non-unicode SQL-connections (req by KKI)

[5172] by fhoffmann on 02.09.2019 19:30:59

improved UX: made single-line code collapsing on click (2)


ZMS3 Development Snapshot

# Install a complete development environment
$ virtualenv ZMS3-devel
$ ./ZMS3-devel/bin/pip install

# Apply needed hotfixes to the environment
$ ./ZMS3-devel/bin/pip uninstall ZMS3
$ ./ZMS3-devel/bin/pip install --upgrade

# Create a development instance
$ ./ZMS3-devel/bin/mkzopeinstance --dir ZMS3-devel/instance
$ ./ZMS3-devel/instance/bin/zopectl start

# Checkout the latest revision
$ svn co ZMS3-devel/instance/Products/zms

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ZMS3 Distribution Package at PyPI

Installation instructions for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows: