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ZMSLabs - Open Research and Development Platform

ZMSLabs is a platform for open source and open content projects in context of the ZMS Publishing System.

ZMS (Zope based Content Management for Science, Technology and Medicine) is a complete solution for electronic publishing - in particular e-science purposes. The underlying efficiency-oriented publication model is the result of many consulting projects in recent years by HOFF­MANN+LIE­BEN­BERG, Berlin. Modularity of the ZMS components and approved production processes turn ZMS into an uncomparably rapid tool.

Latest Changes

ZMS3 3.0.0.x

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[5462] by fhoffmann on 27.02.2020 16:37:19

css fix

[5461] by mhaecker on 24.02.2020 08:48:39

And update the second place where the DocumentTemplate? version was hardcoded

[5460] by mhaecker on 24.02.2020 08:44:34

Update minor DocumentTemplate? version to account for version dependency incompatibility with the version of Products.ZSQLMethods we use

[5458] by fhoffmann on 22.02.2020 17:34:53

zpt code generator: added nesting comments

[5457] by fhoffmann on 21.02.2020 22:09:02

reduced whitespace, backported tmpl code generator

[5454] by fhoffmann on 21.02.2020 11:29:14

fixed content model big picture for extra long lists (2)

[5452] by fhoffmann on 21.02.2020 10:36:39

fixed content model big picture for extra long lists (contr. by UniBE)

[5448] by fhoffmann on 17.02.2020 21:20:08

added accesskey workflow